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These are exciting times as we re-invigorate the MSU Forestry Department. We want the involvement of our Alumni as we start new initiatives and move forward. We would be grateful if you let us know your current contact information (especially email address) so that we can stay in touch with our newsletter and other updates.

General Information
Alumni Information

Please use the Submit button at the bottom of this page to send us your contact information. Before submitting, please consider the following ways to participate in the continuing success of our Forestry Department and students. Please check the associated box to receive additional information.

Hosting a student intern. Students value hands-on experiences. Our alumni are involved in important forestry related work throughout the world. We think that matching students and alumni could be a win-win-win, but first we want to assess the level of interest among our alumni in hosting a student intern. We expect the host to provide an experience that would give the intern insight into a professional career track and an opportunity for the student to utilize their education. These internships could be paid or volunteer. Academic credit would be possible. We envision either a summer (mid-May to mid-August) or semester long (September–December or January–April) timeframe.

Serving as an Alumni Ambassador. Help us recruit outstanding students. Our alumni are testament to the exceptional education offered by MSU Forestry. We think that tapping into the enthusiasm and networks of our alumni could be a great way to reach a bigger pool of outstanding students. Are you willing to talk to a group of potential students about how MSU Forestry prepared you for an exciting and fulfilling career? This may be a high school class, church or scout group, or children of your friends, co-workers, and neighbors. If there is interest among our alumni to help with recruiting, then we will put together guidelines and recruitment materials that our alumni can utilize.

Making a year-end gift. Help support hands-on research and field experiences for our students. For many of us, learning through hands-on field and research experience attracted us to forestry. Your financial support will do the same for our current students.