• Hanover Forest Science Seminar Series: Ashley Keiser

    Date: April 4, 2017
    Location: Natural Resources Building, 480 Wilson Road, Room 225

    Ashley Keiser presents “The interplay between biotic and abiotic controls over litter decomposition processes.”


  • MSU Science Festival: Three Events!

    Date: April 8, 2017
    Location: various (see description)

    Join MSU Forestry for three special activities at the MSU Science Festival: 1.) Trees: Making a World of Difference One Planting at a Time 2.) The Fungi in Our Lives 3.) Knock on Wood: The Magical Mystery of Tree Growth.

  • MSU Science Festival: Trees Tackle Climate Change

    Date: April 9, 2017
    Location: Belle Isle Nature Zoo, 176 Lakeside Drive, Belle Isle, Detroit, MI 4820

    Learn about how important trees are in our day-to-day lives and especially how individual trees and forests all over the world are vital for tackling climate change. Pick out, plant, and take home your very own tree seedling to do your part in taking on climate change.


  • MSU Science Festival: The ‘Dirty’ Little Secrets of Trees

    Date: April 15, 2017
    Location: Baker Woodlot, NE Entrance Located on Bogue St.

    How do forests change over time? Why do certain tree species occur where they do? How do soils influence forest change and species composition? Which tree species in Michigan are likely to be dominant in a predicted warmer environment? How do scientists study these questions?  Come find out answers to these questions in this interactive tour of Baker Woodlot. Scientists from MSU’s Department of Forestry will bring research to life through hands-on examples.


  • Hanover Forest Science Seminar Series: Barry Gardiner

    Date: April 18, 2017
    Location: Natural Resources Building, 480 Wilson Road, Room 225

    Barry Gardiner presents “Wind impacts on tree growth, mechanics and damage.”


  • MSU Science Festival: What Nature Means to Us

    Date: April 19, 2017
    Location: The Broad Art Museum Cafe, 547 E. Circle Drive, East Lansing, MI 48824

    Grab a cup of coffee and join MSU graduate student Erika Krause and explore the relationship between science and society.

  • MSU Science Festival: Great Forest, Great Lakes

    Date: April 21, 2017
    Location: Michigan History Center: 702 W. Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, MI 48909

    Dr. Richard Kobe presents “Great Forest, Great Lakes” during the MSU Science Festival.

  • Small Animals Day

    Date: April 22, 2017
    Location: MSU Pavilion

    Join us to milk a cow, watch horse races, hold a baby chick and meet other animals! No farm tours will be given this year.   

  • Hanover Forest Science Seminar Series: Rachelle Gould

    Date: April 25, 2017
    Location: Natural Resources Building, 480 Wilson Road, Room 225

    Rachelle Gould presents “Cultural Ecosystem Services: How do you measure that (especially when “that” may be dynamic)?”