Graduate Student Spotlight

Malcolm Itter, MSU Forestry Graduate StudentName: Malcolm Itter

Hometown: Anyplace wild and wooly by way of New York City

Degree: Ph.D./1st Year/Forestry (adviser: Dr. Andrew Finley)

Why forestry: We live in a world where all forests, to varying degrees, are affected by human activity.  Forestry combines forest science with on-the-ground management practices.  The management of forests for specific goals is a central tenet of forestry.  As such, it is the ideal field for somebody interested in the long-term preservation of forests, both as sustainable resources and functioning ecosystems.

Graduate Research Focus: I am interested in utilizing statistical models to gain an understanding of landscape-level forest change due to natural and anthropogenic causes.

Activities:  Anything in the outdoors.  In particular, I enjoy biking (mountain and road), skiing, and hiking.

After Graduation Plans:  Undecided.  I have thought of staying in academics or working for the U.S. Forest Service or USGS.  Most importantly, I would like a job that puts me out West or in northern Vermont.