Bert Cregg

Associate Professor, Tree Physiology

Bert Cregg


A214 Plant & Soil Sciences Building

Phone: (517) 355-5191, ext 1335


Ph.D. in Forest Resources, University of Georgia, 1990
MPA. in Public Administration, University of Nebraska, 1995
M.S. in Forest Science, Oklahoma State University, 1986
B.S. in Forest Management, Washington State University, 1983
A.S. in Forestry, Centralia College, 1980

Research Interests

I conduct research and extension programs to support the Michigan landscape, nursery, and Christmas tree industries.  My research and extension programs follow the philosophy that in order to understand how to grow trees we need to understand how trees grow.  I incorporate physiological approaches to solving applied problems in both my research and extension programs.

Selected Publications

Jones, G.E. and B.M. Cregg. 2006. Budbreak and winter Injury in exotic firs HortScience (In press)

Zhang, J. and B.M. Cregg. 2005. Growth and physiological responses to varied environments among populations of Pinus ponderosa. Forest Ecology and Management 219:1-12.

Rothstein, D.E. and B.M. Cregg. 2005. Effects of Nitrogen form on nutrient uptake and physiology of Fraser fir (Abies fraseri). Forest Ecology and management 219: 69-80.

Cregg, B.M., D. Mota-Sanchez, D.G. McCullough, T. Poland, and R. Hollingworth. 2005. Distribution and metabolism of 14C Imidacloprid in Fraxinus spp. and effects of imidacloprid on adults of the emerald ash borer. Emerald Ash Borer Research and Technology Development Meeting, Romulus, MI Oct. 5-6, 2004. USDA Forest Service Forest Health Enterprise Team Publication FHTET-2004-15 pp 46-48.

Cregg, B.M., M.W. Duck, C.M. Rios, D.B. Rowe, and M.R. Koelling. 2004. Chlorophyll fluorescence and needle chlorophyll concentration of fir (Abies spp.) seedlings in response to pH HortScience 39:1121-1125.

Cregg, B.M. 2004. Selecting trees for improved drought tolerance: theoretical and practical considerations. Acta Horticulturae 630:147-156.

Cregg, B.M., C.M. Rios, J.B. Hart and D. Briggs. 2003. Fate of nitrates in field nursery production systems IN: Riley L.E., Dumroese R.K., Landis T.D., technical coordinators. National Proceedings: Forest and Conservation Nursery Associations­2003. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. RMRS-P-33 pp. 50-54.

Cregg, B.M. J. O’Donnell, and M.R. Koelling. 2003. Precocious cone production in Fraser fir IN: Proceedings 6th International Christmas Tree Research and Extension Conference, Hendersonville, NC. pp. 98-105.

Cregg, B.M. and M.E. Dix. 2001. Tree moisture stress and insect damage in urban trees in relation to heat island effects. Journal of Arboriculture 27: 8-17

Cregg, B.M, Olivas-Garcia, J.M., and Hennessey, T.C. 2000. Provenance variation in carbon isotope discrimination of mature ponderosa pine trees at two locations in the Great Plains. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 30:428-43.