Bryan Epperson

Professor, Population Genetics and Forest Genetics

Bryan Epperson


116 Natural Resources Building

Phone: (517) 355-9597


Ph.D. in Genetics, University of California, Davis, 1983
B.S. in Biology of Natural Resources, University of California, Berkeley, 1979

Research Interests

Population genetics, evolutionary biology, and ecological genetic basis of traits in the structure and function of natural populations; spatial and space-time models and statistics.

Selected Publications

Epperson B. K., B. McRae, K. Scribner, and eight other authors. (submitted). Utility of computer simulations in landscape genetics. Molecular Ecology.

Epperson, B. K., F. W. Telewski, and A. Willyard. 2009. Chloroplast diversity in a putative hybrid swarm of Ponderosae (Pinaceae). American Journal of Botany 96:707-712.

Epperson, B. K. 2007. Plant dispersal, neighborhood size and isolation by distance. Molecular Ecology 16:3854-3865

Luna, R. B.K. Epperson, and K. Oyama. 2007. High levels of population genetic variability and inbreeding in two Neotropical dioecious palms with contrasting life histories. Heredity99:466-476

Blanchong, J. A., K. T. Scribner, B. K. Epperson, and S. R. Winterstein. 2006. Changes in artificial feeding regulations impact white-tailed deer fine-scale genetic structure. Journal of Wildlife Management 70:1037-1043.

Epperson, B. K. 2005. Estimating dispersal from short distance spatial autocorrelation. Heredity 95:7-15.

Epperson, B. K. 2005. Mutation at high rates reduces spatial structure within populations. Molecular Ecology 14:703-710.

Walter, R., and B. K. Epperson. 2004. Geographic pattern of genetic diversity in Pinus resinosa: contact zone between descendants of glacial refugia. American Journal of Botany 92:92-100.

Epperson, B. K. 2003. Geographical Genetics. Monographs in Population Biology 38. Princeton University Press. 356 pages.

Epperson, B. K. 2000. Spatial and space-time correlations in ecological models. Ecological Modelling 132:63-76.