James Kielbaso

Professor Emeritus, Urban Forestry and Arboriculture

James Kielbaso


117 Natural Resources Building

Study Abroad

Brazil - Biodiversity, Ecosystem Protection and Management held summer semesters 2001-2004

Research Interests

Amelioration of heavily compacted soils; soil and planting. Improvements on heavy clay soil; status of street trees nationally; management practices of U.S. urban foresters; urban tree nitrogen fertilizer comparison; dogwood genetic differences; Diplodia-resistant Austrian pine; social attitudes toward neighborhood trees; Herbicide use by U.S. utilities.

Activities and Awards

  • President of International Society of Arboriculture-1994.
  • Joint appointee in Urban Studies Program.
  • Urban forestry extension.
  • ANR Alumni Distinguished Faculty Award-1991.
  • ISA Award for Arboricultural Research-1984.
  • ISA Author’s Citation-1979.

Programs and Grants

  • Monitoring the growth and development of urban forests over time in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Bowling Green, Ohio (American Forestry Association, U.S. Forest Service National Urban Forest Inventory Project)
  • Michigan street tree conditions - A 20 city study
  • Development planning for an urban forestry nature center (MSU Foundation)

Selected Publications

Kielbaso, J.J. 1995. The urban environment and the tree. Proceedings: The First Italian Conference on the Tree in the City. L’Albero in Citta Prime Giornate Internazionali Meranesi: 37-50. Merano, Italy. April. 4-6, 1995.

Kielbaso, J.J. 1994. Urban forestry - the international situation. Anais: II Congresso Brasileiro de Arborizacao Urbana: 3-12. Sao Luis, Brazil. September 18-24, 1994.

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Kielbaso, J.J. and T.S. Bynum. 1993. Exploration of an urban forestry/juvenile justice model for adjudicated youth. Department of Forestry and School of Criminal Justice. Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI.

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