Robert Haack, Ph.D.

Robert Haack

Adjunct Professor, Forest Entomology

220 Nisbet Building

(517) 355-7740


Ph.D. in Forest Entomology, University of Florida, 1984
M.S. in Forest Entomology, University of Wisconsin, 1980
B.S. in Forestry, University of Wisconsin, 1974

Research Interests

Since 1986, I have been employed as a forest entomologist with the USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Insect Unit, which is located on the MSU campus.  Since 1992, I have worked almost exclusively on the exotic bark- and wood-boring insects, such as the pine shoot beetle, Asian longhorned beetle, and emerald ash borer.  More recently, I have worked with the International Forestry Quarantine Research Group on treatments to minimize the threat of live borers being transported in wood packaging materials such as pallets and crating.  I am also interested in firewood and live plants as pathways for international movement of forest pests.

Selected Publications

Haack, R.A. and R.J. Rabaglia. 2012. Exotic bark and ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) in the United States: potential and current invaders. In Potential Invasive Pests of Agricultural Crop Species. Edited by J.E. Peña. CABI International, Wallingford, UK. (In press)

Haack, R.A., A. Uzunovic, K. Hoover and J.A. Cook. 2011. Seeking alternatives to probit 9 when developing treatments for wood packaging materials under ISPM No. 15. EPPO Bulletin 41: 39-45.

Petrice, T.R. and R.A. Haack. 2011. Effects of cutting time, stump height, and herbicide application on subsequent ash (Fraxinus spp.) stump sprouting and colonization by emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis). Northern Journal of Applied Forestry 28: 79-83.

Haack, R.A., F. Hérard, J. Sun and J.J. Turgeon. 2010. Managing invasive populations of Asian longhorned beetle and citrus longhorned beetle: a worldwide perspective. Annual Review of Entomology 55: 521-546.

Haack, R.A., T.R. Petrice and A.C. Wiedenhoeft. 2010. Incidence of bark- and wood-boring insects in firewood: a survey at Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge. Journal of Economic Entomology 103: 1682-1692.

Colunga-Garcia, M., R.A. Magarey, R.A. Haack, S.H. Gage and J. Qi. 2010. Enhancing early detection of exotic pests in agricultural and forest ecosystems using an urban-rural gradient framework. Ecological Applications 20: 303–310.

Haack, R.A. and T.R. Petrice. 2009. Bark- and wood-borer colonization of logs and lumber after heat treatment to ISPM 15 specifications: the role of residual bark. Journal of Economic Entomology 102: 1075-1084. 

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