Online Forestry Courses

The MSU Department of Forestry offers two online course options: Michigan’s Forests (FOR 101) and Introduction to Forestry (FOR 202). Anyone can enroll in these courses. MSU students enroll as they would enroll for a traditional course.  Online courses can be found in the Schedule of Courses by clicking the “Online courses” icon under Location. If you are not an MSU student and would like to take one of these courses, you should apply to the university as a Lifelong Education student.

Following are more details about each online Forestry course.

Michigan’s Forests (FOR 101)
Many of you have interests in our state’s forests; you may live, fish, hunt, recreate, or work in or near them. Though you may be familiar with some aspects of Michigan’s forests from your experiences, you may want to know more about a broader array of topics. This course is designed to help you learn some interesting facts about the history and present status of our forests.  From the return of forests after glaciation to the multiple uses of our forests today.

The course covers the ecological, social, and economic roles of Michigan’s forests in a historic and contemporary context. You will learn how to identify many common Michigan trees and some unique forested areas from southeast Michigan to the western Upper Peninsula.

Instructor: Dr. Larry Leefers (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

Credits: 3

Date: 1/11/16 - 4/29/16

Text: Dickmann, D.I., and L.A. Leefers. 2003. The Forests of Michigan. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press. 297 p. Second Printing. Retail price: $35.00.


Introduction to Forestry (FOR 202)
This is a great course for anyone interested in an introduction to our forest resources including teachers, private woodlot owners and Scout leaders as well as students from any major.

The course introduces fundamental concepts of forests and forest management including tree biology, tree identification, forest ecology, silvicultural management systems for multiple forest objectives (e.g. recreation, wildlife, watersheds and nontimber forest products), forest harvesting, and forest protection. The course includes field exercises as well as a field trip. 

Instructor: Dr. Maureen McDonough (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

Credits: 3

Date: 7/6/15 - 8/20/15

Text: None