Undergraduate Student Spotlight


Name: Anna Boruszewski

Hometown: Okemos, MI

Why Forestry: I wanted a degree that could get me outside, but also had jobs available.  I looked through all the degrees that MSU had to offer and felt that Forestry matched those two criteria beautifully.

Career Goal: My ultimate goal would be studying and/or harvesting submerged logs.  I find that they are an often forgotten natural resource.  I have also thought of attending graduate school and eventually becoming a professor. I would like to teach the next generation about the exciting field of Forestry.

Activities: I am currently the Secretary of the MSU Forestry Club.  I send out weekly reminders and minutes to all the club members.  When I am not at school, I like to go hiking, biking, and taking relaxing strolls around my neighborhood.

Forestry Advice: Never straddle a moss-covered log…

Extra Comment: The Forestry friends you make here will become more than just friends; they will become a part of your family.  Always treasure the times you have together.